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Certified Network Principles


Instructor led or Self-Paced

About the Course

The Certified Network Professional is an entry level course for anyone who wants to start a career in cybersecurity with relevant foundations in concepts of networking with basics of security.

In this fun and fast paced course you will learn concepts and skills needed to plan, install, maintain, and troubleshoot today's networks including wireless and server-based networks!

Want to learn about new technologies like virtual networks and SD Networks found in many cloud architectures? We've got you covered, and then we move to physical components, TCP/IP Stack, OSI Model, switches, routers, wireless, and Bluetooth.

This course is highly recommended for anyone and everyone wanting to begin their journey in the dynamic field of cyber security with strong foundations required to move ahead.

Learning Mode

Online / Offline / Self Study

Who should attend?

  • Students

  • Employees

  • Managers

  • Anyone wanting to get started in cyber security with strong foundations on networking

Modules / Lessons

Module - 1: Intro to network fundamentals

Module - 2: The Physical networking fundamentals

Module - 3: TCP/IP Primer

Module - 4: Connecting networks with switches & routers

Module - 5: Wireless Networking

Module - 6: Security Principles

Module - 7: Defending the network

Module - 8: Network Technology boom

Module - 9: Day to day networking

Module - 10: Network Planning

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