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Certified Penetration Testing Consultant


Instructor led or Self-Paced

About the Course

The Certified Penetration Testing Consultant or C)PTC is designed for IT Security Professionals / IT network administrators who are interested in taking an in-depth look into pentesting methodologies or techniques for web applications as well as networks.

The course will teach you necessary skills required to work with a penetration testing team.

We also provide Cloud Virtual Labs to students for easy connection to our range of virtual machines hosted on a dedicated environment for practising 24X7

Learning Mode

Online / Offline / Self Study

Who should attend?

  • Ethical Hackers

  • Penetration Testers

  • Auditors

  • Students

  • Cyber Security Managers/Administrators

  • Information Security Officers

Modules / Lessons

Module - 1: Penetration Testing team formation

Module - 2 : NMAP Automation

Module - 3: Exploitation process

Module - 4: Fuzzing with spike

Module - 5: Simple Buffer Overflow

Module - 6: Stack based Windows Buffer overflow

Module - 7: Web application security & exploitation

Module - 8: Linux stack smashing & scanning

Module - 9: Linux address space layout randomization

Module - 10: Windows Exploit protection

Module - 11: Getting around SEH ASLR

Module - 12: Penetration Testing report writing

Hands-on Labs

Lab - 1: Skills Assessment

Lab - 2: Automation Breakdown

Lab - 3: Fuzzing with spike

Lab - 4: Lets crash the callback

Lab - 5: MiniShare for the Win

Lab - 6: Stack Overflow: Did we get root?

Lab - 7: Defeat me and the Lookout

Lab - 8: Time to overwrite SHE and ASLR

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